Vehicle Mounted Fire Extinguishers

2.Use the nominal working voltage and current according to the requirement strictly, when use the electric control to start the extinguishing device.
3.Check the extinguishing device and extinguishant hose regularly to prevent the looseness between each connection parts and piping components.
4.If the device is broken or used, please replace the same type device in time.
5.Stock warehouse should be in dry condition with excellent ventilation, free from exposure to the sun and rain.
6.Be careful when carrying and prevent the collision, keep away from exposure to the sun and rain.

Engine Room Extinguishers Brochure Download

全淹没保护时间 (m³)246610
外形尺寸 (mm)Φ49*202Φ60*300Φ68*326Φ60*300Φ89*390
启动电流 (DC6-24V)A0.60.6
安全电流 (A)0.150.15
喷头启动温度 (℃)--------
工作环境温度 (℃)-40-+90-40-+90




Product Name:

Product Introduction:

Vehicle Mounted Fire Extinguishers


The device parts are composed of superfine dry powder extinguishant, driving medium, multi-jet flexible hose, etc. The device is linked with fire detection alarm system, which can make the early fire detection and start to put out the fire automatically, when fire happened in high temperature area of ship, vehicle engine room, vehicle battery room and retarder, etc. Meanwhile the device can run the manual forced start of extinguishing parts through the optional forced starting switch. 

Advantage of device: When firefighting, the extinguishant can avoid the obstacles to stop the fire completely and keep away the fire for a long time so that can prevent the fire rekindling.


Widely used in various of vehicle & ship engine room, power distribution cabinet, electric cabinet and any other narrow space. 


1.No open flames and power operation when installation. 

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